Barristers and Solicitors

ICBC Claims and Personal Injury Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in personal injury law. We handle personal injury claims all over the province, and represent clients from all over the world with an enviable record of personal service and success

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We assist people in immigrating to Canada as skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed persons, or sponsored family members. We also assist people in applying to come to Canada temporarily as a foreign worker, student, or visitor.

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Criminal Defence and DUI

Being charged criminally? What are your legal rights before and during a court proceeding? Should I plead guilty or not?

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Corporate Commercial

We work with businesses of all sizes, helping them to run more smoothly, efficiently and profitably. We provide effective and practical legal advice on a comprehensive range of business matters.

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"The best way to fight a case is to prevent one. Let us show you how."